Successful Entrepreneur, Ali Mayar, Shares Wisdom, Insight on How to Stay Focused in Business

Ali Mayar, the Business Guru Behind an Internationally Successful Business, Provides a Road Map to Success with His Insightful Business Advice Columns

LOS ANGELES, CA  Ali Mayar, the CEO of Platinum Rapid Funding Group and a successful businessman, is well known for his keen business observations and insights. To keep his loyal followers, who are often entrepreneurs themselves, up to date, Mayar regularly publishes web articles on some of the hottest business topics and trends. He recently published a new article that teaches people how to stay focused on their business.


A successful businessman to me, is someone that can manage their business and also not let the stress of it consume their lives,” said Mayar. “However, you must vigilant in your pursuit of focus, as it is what separates the leaders from the followers.”

As Ali Mayar explains, if there is no risk in life, there is no reward. And those who are focused on their business will be able to identify the right risks to take and which ones to avoid.

“Focus means things such as developing a strategic plan and following it, establishing goals for your business or creating a corporate culture that will not accept anything but the best,” said Mayar. “Focus is an indispensible attribute for any business leader today.”


Mayar’s fans follow him because, when it comes to giving advice, Mayar takes the stance of delivering it in a way that’s “short and sweet.” Mayar provides a simple road map and a guideline to follow, and the rest comes down to execution.

Mayar understands what it takes to succeed. His company, Platinum Rapid Funding Group, is a provider of working capital for small- to medium-size businesses and professionals in the U.S. The company’s management team has more than 25 years of combined experience working with small business owners and offers more than just working capital assistance. He recently expanded his company to better serve his clients and partners.

Mayar understands that great things happen when people think outside of the box. He encourages people to lead the way, but to stay focused and devoted to their vision and goals. Those touchstones will help anyone find success.


Ali Mayar

Ali Mayar is the CEO at Platinum Rapid Funding Group, Ltd. A provider of working capital for small- to medium-size businesses and professionals. For more information, please visit


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